Posted in- October 22, 2018

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The Internet has revolutionized the way we find and convey information with more than 2.2 billion people online. Previously, we used to open the yellow pages to look for a restaurant or a doctor, a lawyer or a bakery. Today we search on Google, Yahoo, Bing or AOL to find products and services we need. More than 80% of the people use search engines to make a purchase online.

A website is the most appropriate way to expand the business. Online users search on the website for more detailed information such as prices, supply, addresses, online forms, etc. Online world is moving full ahead and it is not going to slowdown. A web presence has become an essential part of business success. How significant is to be online? Why is a web presence so important?

1Think about the last time you had to know something – most likely you have probably asked online. Never before the connection and the collaboration between the people around the world has been so easy. The Internet has fundamentally changed the way we live and how we gather information likewise revolutionized the way business operates and communicates with customers. Business reliability increases with a website.
Nowadays, customers are more skeptical than ever. If they cannot find a company online, they doubt whether it really exists or not, whether it is a trustworthy company. In fact, 58% of Internet users say they tend to trust a company with a website than a company without one. If you do not have a website for your company, you are allowing your competitors to easily defeat you for sale.
There is no certain rule that your company needs a website, but the customers expect from your company to have one. In the past two years, the number of internet visitors through different mobile devices has gone over 818 million, with a significant increase of 60.3%.
2Your website is your business card, brochures, your identity, your billboard. The site is the first impression that someone gets of your company thus it is important to have a good website design.
There are more than 900 million different sites and according to statistics, by the end of the year will reach 1 billion. The website is very important for the company since it is the best way to build your branding. Websites give you unlimited freedom to decide the impact on your potential customers. These are flexible tools depicting the growth and updates of your developing business day by day. Business branding on the web will help you create a widespread clients network that will be able to find the descriptions of goods and services that you offer.A website provides increased sales and attracts visitors, providing persistent connection with overseas customers and expanding the way you are able to reach traditional customers.

The question is – if I have a small business can I have a website for selling my products online? Of course, yes. Do not rush to judge on how your products can be sold online. Nowadays only a few products cannot be advertised online. More than 20 million customers are online daily, purchasing everything. Purchases range from books to computers, from cars to jet airplanes or natural gas.

Therefore, as you made up your mind to start up a business first you have to seek web design professionals. They will create a professional web image for your business. It is good to have a Facebook page for your fans to keep updated about your company.
3Facebook has reached 665 million visitors per day, but it cannot be used in any way as a website. Your page should have your company logo and not that of a social network. While Facebook can be an ideal place to distribute your photos, to increase the number of fans of the company, the site is a place where

these fans can directly see the full image of the company and its products. The best and most effective marketing strategy is to have a website.

If a newspaper ends up in the garbage the next day, your site will last forever.