Mobile Applications

With high-end mobile application development solutions, ATIS will enable you to connect with your customers on every platform!
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Android Development

Android is by far the most popular mobile platform to date and that is why our developers have perfected the art of building with Java for Android the most elegant and high performing native android mobile apps through the years of experience. We always want to make sure that we deliver the best UX, highest performance, best security, best access to the audience and easiest access to built-in capabilities of the smartphone. Thanks to their unique engineering expertise, our professional team of creative thinkers can design and develop powerful mobile apps to achieve great performance and appearance on all Android devices. We build the most exceptional, reliable, and top-rated mobile experiences by leveraging all the functionality that the platform has to offer. Boost your branding, and improve your customer service experience, and generate your income with our responsive, user-oriented apps!

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iOS Development

We build iOS apps using Swift, Xcode and Objective-C without using 3rd party frameworks. This means that our products are always reliable and can be integrated easily with the latest technologies from Apple. We use the best techniques (e.g. multi-threading, caching etc.) to optimize mobile performance and keep a smooth user interface. As always, our development cycle includes also a quality assurance phase which guarantees a final product delivery with the highest standards. We build apps that give you a remarkable customer reach to take your business to the next level. Our iOS developers are on top of mobile app development trends leveraging best practices, leading-edge open source frameworks, and libraries to build successful, secure iPhone and iPad apps. Our apps deliver outstanding UX and UI, optimal value, enhance customer interaction, and boos sales!

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Hybrid App Development

We follow the industry’s best practices to deliver hybrid mobile apps so that we can provide a unique user experience while maintaining cross-platform functionality. We have a huge expertize in using frameworks such as Ionic and React Native. Our developers keep always an eye on the latest trends and technologies being able thus to deliver always state-of-the-art solutions which help clients generate the maximum ROI and profits. When it comes to cross-platform applications, sustainable internet connection Our hybrid apps are feature-rich, reliable, and beautiful with all the qualities to meet any business need. ATIS's solutions employ best-in-class native app features and capabilities, great expertise, and specific-talent team able to provide the most successful enterprise-grade mobile application products.